Smart Home Automation

Your home, smarter. Smart automation systems add comfort and convenience to all of your everyday activities, allowing you to be there in the moment and celebrate each and every day with the ones you love. Set your appliances to automatically turn on in the morning, such as your coffee maker, along with the kitchen lights. Control music, movies, lighting, and even the temperature in your home, streamline daily activities and events, and improve the workflow of every day life. Smart home, happy life. Control4.

Home Theater

Epic movie night. Transform an unused room into the media room of your dreams. Our team will be there from start to finish and help you choose a set-up that best fits your needs. Build your dream theater with us - starting with options such as projectors and large-screen TV's. Add acoustical treatment if needed, surround sound with impact, theater seats, video furniture, lighting, and a control system to make it easy to use. Don't have an unused room? No worries - we specialize in incorporating media discreetly into family rooms. No matter the space or budget, we can help maximize your home theater experience.

Security & Surveillance

Protect your most important asset - your family. Control4 premium automation solutions can give you complete control over all the systems and devices in your home so your treasures are always safe and secure. With 24/7 home monitoring from your smartphone, you can always stay in-the-know. Did your kids leave the garage door open? No problem - you can close it instantly. You can also view your security cameras from anywhere at anytime and get text alerts based on certain actions, whether it’s a loved one getting home or a kitchen appliance going haywire.


Personalize your lights to turn on or off at certain times of the day, adjust them with the seasons, or have them automatically alternate while you're out of town. When the door locks, turn on the entry light or turn off the outdoor lights at sunrise. With Control4, you can fine-tune your system until it’s just right. Intelligent lighting also ensures a safe and secure household by connecting with your security system to immediately turn on lights if suspicious motion is detected. Energy efficient automated lighting control systems can also conserve valuable energy and save resources, since they are designed to turn on and off only when wanted or necessary.

Wi-Fi Networking

The network matters. Share high-speed internet access with any device in the home as well as a common printer, fax machine, and scanner. Share important files and have the ability to back-up all computers connected to the system. Create shared folders that you can access from your home or from online. A home network system also provides you with some internet security solutions such as your child's internet access and even time restrictions.

 Whole Home Audio

When it comes to entertaining, it’s usually the little things that make a big impact. Control4 premium automation solutions put music and video at your command from your favorite device. Stream high-fidelity sound to every room in the house. Play high-definition video from virtually any source on any TV. Enjoy your personal music collection stored on your smartphone or tablet or stream services like Spotify, Rhapsody and thousands of free internet radio stations. Plus, you’ll enjoy more comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Command all things at home, whether you’re there or away: lighting, security, music, TV and so much more. Control4.

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