Compustar Security + Remote Start RFX-2WT9-FM


2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module

2-way LCD at a great value – with smartphone control included.

2-way remote upgrade kit for any Compustar remote start and/or security system. Includes a 2-way remote with interactive LCD. Protected by 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Now bundled with an X1-LTE module for smartphone connectivity with DroneMobile! Free 30-day trial upon activation.

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Smartphone Control
2-Way LCD Confirmation
2-Way Alarm Alerts
2-Way LCD Remote
GPS Tracking
3000′ Max Range

1-Year Remote Warranty


Please ask a sales associate today for more information and to request pricing and confirm compatibility with your vehicle.

2-Way is the Only Way

Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using Compustar 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully.

Interactive LCD

Along with instant command confirmation, the Compustar T9 has an interactive screen that will show your vehicle’s status at all times.

If your Compustar alarm/security system is triggered while armed, the Compustar T9 remote will alert you and show what type of intrusion is happening.

Now Bundled with Smartphone Control!

Compustar’s new RFX remote kits are now bundled with a Drone X1 LTE Module. This X1 LTE Module enables unlimited range smartphone control and GPS tracking with the DroneMobile App.

Your Smartphone is Your Backup Remote.

Instead of another remote, Compustar 2-way kits now turn your smartphone into your backup remote thanks to the DroneMobile App! Plus, with DroneMobile Family Sharing, you can invite your family members to share access to your vehicle.

DroneMobile Plans

Free 30-Day Trial for Smartphone Control

This system includes a 30-Day Free Trial to DroneMobile, the smartphone app that allows you to control and track your vehicle from virtually anywhere!

DroneMobile turns your smartphone into your second remote. For smartphone vehicle control, your system must maintain an LTE data connection with your vehicle. This LTE data connection requires data powered by any of our Subscriptions.

Save Up to 30% on Prepaid Annual Subscriptions

5-Year Subscriptions also available with 50% monthly savings exclusively during 30-Day Free Trial.