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JL Audio amplifiers feature bass-boost circuitry to help you adjust low-frequency impact in your vehicle. The RBC-1 wired remote bass control works with all of JL Audio’s A-Series, G-Series, RD Series, mono JX-Series, and most Slash v2 amps. You can mount the RBC-1 controller in the front of your vehicle and dial in the amount of bass you want from the driver’s seat — mounting instructions, hardware, and an 18′ cable are included.

Connect the RBC-1 to your amp, and it converts the amp’s selectable bass boost (0 or 6 dB) to a variable boost (0 to 12 dB). With the Slash v2 amps, the RBC-1 takes the place of the amp’s boost knob, allowing you to adjust your bass boost from 0 to 15 dB. With RD Series and JX-Series mono amps, the RBC-1 controls the amp’s subwoofer level, from full mute to full volume.

Product highlights:

  • remote bass control for JL Audio A-Series, G-Series, RD Series, and Slash v2 amplifiers (except the 300/2v2 and the 300/4v2)
  • allows variable (0-12 dB) bass boost in JL Audio A-Series and G-Series amps
  • remote level control for RD Series and mono JL Audio JX-Series amps (JX250.1, JX500.1, and JX1000.1)
  • 18′ remote cable and mounting hardware included
  • 13/16″W x 13/16″H x 1-5/8″D

What’s in the box:

  • Bass Controller with attached knob and 9″ cord terminated by a female RJ-11 port
  • 18′ control cable with a male RJ-11 connector on each end
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Washers
  • Installation Instructions